Thursday, March 7, 2013


Fragrances in air, jasmine sways,
the silvery shine of the moon rays,
my trinklets clink,
anklets tink,
I await for the beloved ...
in the turquoise deck up.
Will he know my presence here,
hidden behind the jasmine bushes,
will his arrival be a surprise,
or the music of the flute...
shall reach me before the saviour!



An all embracing cloud ,
Moving unfettered without  any bounds,
Generously showering droplets,
Wherever it moves around…
Incandescent  coloured  warmth profound,
Cuddling each and every object on ground,
All and sundry yearning for its closeness,
The most fortunate will only get the success,
Propitious and blessed is the soul,
Which  gets welcomed  in its encirclement as whole…

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


In the middle of the night,
When the moon came out in sight,
I was waiting for you,
with a hope in heart ,
that I will meet my sweetheart..

Clouds flew by,
stars twinkling very high,
glowing bees fly nearby,
and my heart giving a sigh...

The moonlit night passed on,
on the advent of the  golden  sun,
I still stood the door..
waiting for the one  whom I adore..

Days and nights went on,
The await for the one grew on,
seasons changed and so the world...
But I remained same under the sun...

After so long today,
I notice the glow on my cheek,
experiencing the wonderful feel,
ecstasy or bliss ..
my soul contended and at peace ..
for it found out the one I seek...

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Away from the world she lived,
Far off from the worldly things,
Amidst the beautiful hills,
Feeling the chilly winds,
Beneath the starry shimmering..

Away from lies and deceipts,
She lived with the mute beings,
Who knew the language of love,
Expressing their gratefulness to her,
Lucky was the young girl to have a world like this with her...

Away from jealousy and hatred,
She grew up amongst the flowers and trees,
Who gave her shelter and smile ,
Whenever she needed them indeed,
Lucky was the young girl to have a world like this with her...

Away from all bonds and ties,
She still cared for the mankind,
For she learnt from her world,
That howsoever mankind treat her,
She has to spread love and warmth,
And make all smile with a glowing heart....

Thats mother nature,she's her world ,
Lovely and Beautiful at heart,
Who help her grew up into a young girl,
With morals and humanity, a class apart...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Have you ever imagined what impact do thoughts have on our life..?
There are innumerable thoughts flashing across our mind in a minute and unlimited going in our mind all throughout the day.
Our brain is a factory of thoughts that keeps on continously producing them ..Do you know the reason..why we can think so much..? Well ! the most suitable answer is that our thoughts are known to us and not to anyone else..
What we think what we imagine is within us, inside our mind and heart..So we are not afraid,consious of anybody nor answerable to others for what we think..
Perhaps the time, when we think ,we are with ourselves,whether it is for a second ,few minutes or even hours..
That is the time when we actually try to escalate,sieve the thoughts which we want to bring into reality and which of these we want to discard..
Just imagine what a work the mind and heart does for us..continously generating new thoughts and ideas then choosing the right ones to be culminated into the real world..
It is often said that we should have good thoughts,noble ones about others and even about ourselves..
Negative thoughts often have negative effects on us..
So without even getting the thought in action a negative thought can have very bad effect on us..

Actually,as we start the process of thinking ,the thoughts that come to our mind try to find out ways to get shape into the real world..But we try to scrape out many if we feel they aren't feasible or correct or apt for the time and situation..
But do we know the moment any thought is generated it actually transmits its energy into the atmosphere and hence there is some result of it..
If the thought is a feeling for somebody ,it instantly gets transmitted to the other person,and the other person can feel it..This is what we know as telepathy..Whether the feeling is good or ill,another person can get a feel of it..But if only we are aware of things going around us,,free from confused thoughts ourselves can we feel the transmitted thought..

Similarly if we have certain goal to achieve,in our work ,in our job,in studies,in relations,any thought that is generated has an effect on it simultaneously.
And hence if we want to achieve the aim,it is better to persuade the thought ,believe it and work towards it and the hardest of the thing will be easy to achieve.
First of all,we have to clear our heart from all the ill feelings and negative thoughts and then concentrate on our focus,what we actually want,where do we want to concentrate ,which of the places need us more ,which area of life has to be repaired..?
By pursuing our thoughts into actions,we believe in them and then work hard towards attaining it,which is then more easier and within our reach.
Try out for simpler things first  and when we get those results,we are more confident about ourselves and get more result oriented ,rather than confused for any situation in life...But the most important thing is to have faith in our thought and ourselves..and that can be done only if we ourselves are convinced by our self consience that the thought generated is actually a true and a good one..
Improve your life by simple thought process and make your life more simpler...

Have a very good morning !!!!

What makes a morning very good? ...A good morning wish from anyone or a sweet smile by anyone at the door...
WE all start our mornings as a part of our duty..Running and falling over places to be ready in time and reach the office or to be after the kids and husband to bid them goodbye in time..
Some start the day with a gloomy face..and some with a very lazy brain..
But have we thought what can make our morning really fresh and our whole day refreshing..?

It all depends on we start...
A smile on the face when you get up is the best way to start a day..
Forget about yesterday and the sour memories of everything and remember you have a whole new day with you to make it as good as you can..The efforts are yours,the reasoning yours,so act and get the way you want your day..

Workpressures and pressure for studies aren't any reason to make a morning gloomy ..
WE have the maximum energy levels in the morning and the brain too can work efficiently then.but by having the negative and dull thoughts we already diminish our capability and our efficiency .
A walk in the morning gives a day a fresh energetic start ,sometimes an hour in gym too can rejuvenate the whole body..But worry not if you dont have time for all this, some soft music to ears also give us a good feeling and happiness ..
Ultimately it is we who are responsible for the results that happen in our life ,so rather than blaming anyone and starting a  bad day,its better we have some hope,some patience and a little faith to make things happpen our way..

Monday, March 19, 2012



Walking through the forest,
Listening to nature's music,
A cold wave suddenly shivers me,
Making my hand freeze,
I yearn for your warm touch and the feel...

Rustling trees around,
Scattered leaves beneath,
Dense fog throughout,
Across the path to the stream...

I have trodded many times ,
on this known path,
But  today it is different,
Without your presence afar..

Beautiful flowers dangling ,
over the road sides,
Brushing my arms with their,
soft petals during my stride...
Everything is same..,
besides you not here...
The forest too craves for you ..
as I always do my dear....