Thursday, March 22, 2012


Away from the world she lived,
Far off from the worldly things,
Amidst the beautiful hills,
Feeling the chilly winds,
Beneath the starry shimmering..

Away from lies and deceipts,
She lived with the mute beings,
Who knew the language of love,
Expressing their gratefulness to her,
Lucky was the young girl to have a world like this with her...

Away from jealousy and hatred,
She grew up amongst the flowers and trees,
Who gave her shelter and smile ,
Whenever she needed them indeed,
Lucky was the young girl to have a world like this with her...

Away from all bonds and ties,
She still cared for the mankind,
For she learnt from her world,
That howsoever mankind treat her,
She has to spread love and warmth,
And make all smile with a glowing heart....

Thats mother nature,she's her world ,
Lovely and Beautiful at heart,
Who help her grew up into a young girl,
With morals and humanity, a class apart...

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